Automotive glass production

Hiltex Semi Products contribute to the production of automotive glass

We are happy to tell you what we contribute to the production of windscreen and side windows for cars.

We start with some background information about the car and its windscreen and side windows.

The first cars were not yet equipped with a comfortable glass protection against weather, wind and small objects. The first version was just a pane of glass. Nowadays, a car is a closed vehicle, which of course is partially made of glass.

The process of production Automotive glass

However, the production process is still a challenge. We will not explain the whole process to you as it does not belong to us. What comes our way is this part of the process: to harden the panes, they are first heated. Of course, after the glass has been thermally treated, it must first cool down before it can be mounted in the car. This is where Hiltex Semi Products comes into the game. The ALF sleeve made of alumina fiber is placed over the rollers on which the glass is transported to cool. So it can take time to cool down without damaging or staining. In addition to its protective function, our Alumina fiber cloth is resistant to the heat emitted by the glass screen to the furnace.

Hiltex Semi Products is also the adress for Automotive steel production!

To stay in the car theme, we continue with automotive steel production. Our ALF cloth serves as a replacement for the usual steel cladding on the inner walls in a continuous annealing or galvanizing furnace (Continious annealing CAPL line and Galvanizing line CAL). It serves to protect the insulation wool that is installed on the walls. The fabric is resistant to 1250 ° C and easy to install because it can be cut to size on site if needed. The high temperature resistance and the flexibility of the alumina / silica fabric are ideal for processing and save a lot of time. This can reduce the shutdown of the furnace, which saves a lot of costs.

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Automotive glass production

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