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Pieter HilderingHiltex Semi Products was founded by Pieter Hildering in 1987 in Assendelft, in the vicinity of Amsterdam.
Hiltex Semi-Products has focused exclusively on the production of collars and discs for more than thirty years.

Supplier for semiconducor producers and equipment manufacturers

Since the eighties, we've been a supplier to nearly all the major semiconductor producers and equipment manufacturers. Our products are simple to use and offer superior performance. They are easy to install and provide the best diffusion tube packing available. 


HILTEX Continuous Alumina Fiber “HILTEX ALF” was jointly developed with HILTEX. It is based on the strong combination of dry spinning technology and extensive experience in fibrous refractory manufacturing technology. HILTEX ALF is a alumina-silica fiber that is composed of Al2O3 (alumina) and SiO2 (silica), that are commonly known as representatives of stable metal oxide materials. No other ingredients are included in HILTEX ALF but alumina and silica. HILTEX ALF are polycrystalline filaments whose crystal type is gamma alumina and amorphous silica. HILTEX ALF has accomplished excellent flexibility and strength standard without B2O3 (Boron) because of the fine filament diameter, which is offered in 7-10 micron diameter.

HILTEX ALF yarn is made up of thousands of continuous and strong filaments that gives it excellent flexibility and allows it to be readily transformed into various textile forms such as woven fabrics, braided sleeves, tapes, ropes and sewing threads without the aid of any other organic fibers or metal fibers.

HILTEX ALF offers good chemical resistance, thermal shock resistance and electrical insulation properties. At present, there is growing interest in HILTEX ALF for use in a wide range of applications, in high temperature environment. We also have several types of fabrics, sleeves and yarns with 2% boron which can be used for applications approaching 1395°C, this called out FB3 type.


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