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Read our downloadable brochures to get more information about: ALF, Delivery terms and disc and collars.

Brochure of ALF, The Ultimate Solution

The download about ALF will inform you about the producing process of our ALF fabric. ALF is used for many applications such as: 

  • Rings
  • Discs
  • Curtains
  • Electrical and thermal insulators
  • Catalyst carries
  • Roller covering for tempered glass plate manufacturing
  • Thermal insulation coverings for thermocouple cables and wires

You can also download the delivery terms and brochure about discs and collars

The download about delivery terms will inform you about al terms and conditions of sales.

The brochure about discs and collars will provide you more information about why whe produce those shapes,the benefits, the safety terms and types.


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