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ALF™ is generally called Alumina Fiber. As the composite is 72% Alumina and 28% Silica, we name it Alumina Silica Fiber. The standard product/yarns are produced as a 7 micron diameter filament and are boron free. The 7 micron diameter allows superior flexibility compared to other available materials. Furthermore, because the fiber is boron-free, problems associated with the release of boron gas are not a factor. Performance and durability of Hiltex Alumina Silica Fiber is superior to other products presently available. ALF suffers almost no loss of mechanical strength at temperatures up to 1200º C.

We also have several types of fabrics, sleeves and yarns with 2% boron which can be used for applications approaching 1395ºC, this called out FB3 type.

ALF is available as woven cloth, braided sleeve, tape, rope, yarn and sewing yarn
and is appropriate for countless applications including the following:

  • Thermal insulation rings
  • Furnace linings
  • Heat-shielding curtains
  • Thermal insulation sealers or packing materials
  • Thermal insulation coverings for thermocouples, cables and wires
  • Roller covers for tempered glass plate manufacturing
  • Filters for molten metals
  • Spacers for heat treatment
  • Abrasives for plastic whetstones
  • Insulators around generator and aircraft/rocket engines
  • Catalyst carriers
  • Electrical and thermal insulators for diesel particulate filter (DPF) systems
  • Alumina-silica fiber reinforced plastics (FRP), insulation and structural materials for cryogenic apparat uses
  • Alumina-silica fiber reinforced metals (FRM)
  • Matrices for ceramic composites

ALF Cloth

TypeWeaveWidthWeightThicknessRoll length
3025*twill100 cm440 g/m²0.55 mm30 m
1111plain100 cm500 g/m²0.87 mm30 m
0909plain100 cm145 g/m²0.41 mm30 m
2626plain100 cm280 g/m²0.31 mm30 m
2525plain100 cm128 g/m²0.21 mm30 m
2220*Satin100 cm670 g/m²0.97 mm30 m
4018*double twill100 cm940 g/m²1.35 mm30 m

Alf sewing thread

57601.00 mmALFsewing by hand
2560*0.53 mmALF/Rayonsewing by machine
*51200.76 mmALF/Rayonsewing by machine

Alf sleeve

TypeInternal diameterWeight/mtrRoll length
SV11 mm2.4 g50 m
SV22 mm3.7 g50 m
SV3*3 mm8.3 g50 m
SV66 mm12 g50 m
SV1010 mm20 g50 m
SV1212 mm24 g100 m
SV1616 mm38 g100 m
SV2020 mm44 g25 m
SV25*25 mm70 g25 m
SV3232 mm108 g50 m
SV4040 mm91 g50 m
SV5050 mm124 g50 m
SV5858 mm116 g50 m
SV6060mm182 g50 m
SV6363 mm108 g50 m
SV7070 mm218 g50 m
SV8585 mm333 g25 m
SV9595 mm390 g25 m

Alf tape

TypeWeaveWeightThicknessRoll length
*25Stwill440 g/m²0.53 mm30 m
25Dtwill1480 g/m²1.87 mm30 m
50Stwill440 g/m²0.53 mm30 m
50Splain440 g/m²0.45 mm30 m

* Also available in FB3

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