The big advance for semiconductor is the high temperature resistance

A semiconductor is a material that conducts as well as does not conduct. One material - two options.

By adding impurities such as phosphorus or alumina, a semiconductor can be "doped". There are two types of contaminants:

  • N (negative)
  • P (positive)

In this way, a semiconductive material can be made conductive. The big advantage is the high temperature resistance of this system! This semiconducting material is commonly used today in microchips in electronic devices.

Semiconductor, the specialty of Hiltex Semi Products!

If more than 8 electrons are present in the atom, e.g. 9, there is one extra electron. This electron has no fixed place. It runs freely through the atom, conducting the material.

In the opposite case, if there are less than 8 electrons in the atom, the electrons try to borrow one electron from the others. This creates a cycle as each borrowed electron searches for a new one to fill the gap. In this way, the semiconductor also conducts energy.

In short, a lot of heat is involved in this production process. Of course, the heat is used as efficiently as possible. For this purpose, among other things, the furnaces of semiconductor manufacturers are insulated and sealed as well as possible. This is the specialty of Hiltex Semi Products!

We are supplier to semiconductors producers and equipment manufacturers

Hiltex ALF alumina fiber insulating washers and collars are extremely durable in semiconductor applications. This is due to the fiber diameter of 7 μm, which keeps the material flexible. In addition, our insulation products are boron-free. This prevents unpleasant complications such as the formation of boron gas. Our insulating washers and collars are used by semiconductor manufacturers. You should also think about insulating your production furnaces!

Are you looking for customized sealing or insulating materials? Then we look forward to serving you!

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