Ceramic Matric Composites

Ceramic Matrix Composites also known as CMC

Ceramic matrix composites or CMC. This rather recent material has been developed because of the need to create a more efficient product than traditional materials such as alumina and silicon carbide. These break easily under mechanical and thermo-mechanical stress, as small cracks form in the structure.

Ceramic-matrix composites have several advantages over ordinary ceramics.

These include:

  • Higher strength and low susceptibility to breakage
  • Better resistance to fractures
  • Thermal shock resistance
  • Better dynamic load capacity
  • Anisotropic properties

The process of ceramic matrix composite

Ceramic matrix composites often consist of two solids. In general, the matrix is either carbon or ceramic. For this purpose, inorganic substances in the form of particles or fibers are added. This is done under the temperature of at least 1000 K. One starts by casting the fibers in the correct working form to add the ceramic matrix. The final step towards ceramic matrix composites is finishing, for example, by making multiple layers. While the combination of the fabrics is being cast to eventually become a ceramic matrix composite, the mold must be heat resistant and strong.

Now that you are aware of the process, we will continue to explain the added value of Hiltex Semi Products. We produce alumina fiber fabric that can withstand the high temperature of 1395°C! However, it does not lose any of its other benefits. Even at these temperatures, it remains extremely strong. Ceramic matrix composites can be made with this fabric. The mold is lined with alumina fiber fabric, so it is powerful and resistant to high temperatures.

CMC is a rocket strong material!

Good to know? An example of a process in which this material is applicable are rocket noses. They must be extremely heat-resistant and very powerful.

Do you have a project in which you need "rocket-strong" material that keeps your head cool? Please contact us.

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Ceramic Matric Composites

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