Annealed wire

Thanks to Hiltex Semi Products: annealed wire without damage!

Wire, iron wire - but what is annealed wire? Would you like a meter? In your toolbox? 500 meters? Does it even function as a carrier in a bridge? Or as a braided fishing net?

We can name a couple of more applications. However, we prefer to focus on a more technical, perhaps less visible, aspect of these wires. We wonder how they get that flexible? How can they be strong enough to build bridges? The answer is: It is annealed wire.

Create a state of balance with annealed wire

All this has to do with the chemical process of heating solid material, such as steel. As a result, the atoms are distributed evenly. Now there is a state of balance. This not only makes the steel lighter in machining, but also stronger: annealed wire.

The reasons why wire is annealed are:

  • To soften it, so it can be processed better
  • To clean the wire
  • In addition, this process also helps to better manage the material

The process of wire annealing isn't difficult at all

The process is quite simple: The metal is heated quickly to a certain temperature and then cooled slowly and in a controlled way. Now that it has cooled, it is easier to work and bend without breaking the metal.

Alumina fiber sleeves for the process of wire annealing

For this purpose, the wire is pulled through several tubes. The tubes are heated by electrical heat up to high temperatures. Thereafter, the annealed wire passes through tubes that are in water to cool down again. The temperature and the speed of the wire determine the flexibility. The danger with this method is that the annealed wire touches the inside of the tubes. This will damage or discolour the wire. To prevent this, Hiltex Semi Products offers an alumina fiber sleeve used as a inner lining of the tubes. This ensures that the tube and the wire can never touch. The annealed wire can thus survive the annealing process safely and without damage.

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Annealed wire

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