ALF alumina fiber

ALF alumina fiber for all your high temperature applications

Alumina fiber = ALF = three letters = three ingredients

The Hiltex Semi alumina fiber consists of only three materials: PVA (polyvinyl alcohol), alumina salt and silica. These three together form an alumina fiber characterized by:

  • Perfect thermal resistance (up to 1395°C)
  • High flexibility for production of textiles
  • Superior thermal insulation properties
  • High tensile and modulus strength
  • Superior electrical insulation properties
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • No absorption of moisture

Eight steps to alumina fiber

Alumina fiber is made in 8 steps. In short, we start by preparing the three ingredients PVA, alumina salt and silica. Then they are mixed together, followed by concentration, filtration and dry-turning to the precursor / intermediate. This is rotated and fired again until the final alumina fiber product is produced.

Applications of our alumina fiber product

Alumina fibers are used for various applications because of their excellent insulating properties. Some examples include insulating rings for diffusion ovens, special curtains that keep the heat out, and thermal packings. Filters made of alumina fibers withstand molten metals, but also serve as particle filters (DPF). In addition to these examples, our alumina fiber is also used to protect glass. For example, when making car windows, the alumina fiber fabric protects the glass from damage and stains when the heated glass cools.

Alumina fibers in all shapes and sizes

We produce alumina fibers in all shapes and sizes, in form of woven fabrics, braided sleeves, tapes, ropes, yarns and sewing threads. So you can use our very strong and heat resistant products in all sort of challenging applications.

All our Hiltex employees are very dedicated so that we can offer you the best possible service. We are happy to accept a challenge!

Do you have another application? Do you need ALF in a different form than mentioned before? We would be happy to hear from you, so we can look at the possibilities.

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ALF alumina fiber

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