Hiltex Semi-Products

Hiltex Semi-Products has focused exclusively on the production of collars and discs for more than twenty years. Since the eighties, we've been a supplier to nearly all the major semiconductor producers and equipment manufacturers. Our products are simple to use and offer superior performance. They are easy to install and provide the best diffusion tube packing available.

Our collars and discs are custom fabricated. With the combination of high temperature textiles and non-ceramic insulation these products can be used with diffusion furnace at process temperatures up to 1395ºC (2543ºF), with no loss of strength or flexibility.

product choices

Quartz collars and discs are made of 99.90% pure quartz fibre with very high strength, low thermal expansion and high elongation at the breaking point. Quartz collars and discs also have excellent resistance at high temperatures. Quartz collars and discs are recommended for temperatures up to 1050ºC (1922ºF).

ALF collars and discs are made of continuous alumina-silica fibre consisting of 70% Al²O³ and 30% SiO². These collars and discs retain their strength and flexibility after operation in high temperature environments. Because they are boron-free products, there is no risk of negative effects resulting from the release of gases.
By comparison, some competitive products contain boron and are, therefore, unacceptable for semiconductor applications. ALF collars and discs are recommended for temperatures up to 1395ºC (2543ºF). ALF collars and discs are made of 7 micron fibre to ensure superior flexibility.

Hiltex Technische Weefsels

Hiltex Technische Weefsels is an internationally orientated multi product supplier of technical textiles capable of resisting heat.
Pieter Hildering founded Hiltex Technische Weefsels in 1987 at Assendelft, in the direct vicinity of Amsterdam. Since then the company has grown on a constant basis over the years and is now serving customers in more than 60 countries worldwide.